Cousins: How Does It Work?

In trying to piece together my family history, I came across the interesting question of “2nd cousins.” I was trying to figure out a particular relationship to a famous person I’m related to and was having a difficult time deciphering it all. This whole time, I thought that if my 1st cousin had a child, then that child would be my “2nd cousin.” But according to (, a child of a 1st cousin would be my “1st cousin once removed.” This whole time I had it wrong. I was trying to figure out who Liza Minnelli is to me. Her mother and my grandmother were 1st cousins. So my father and Liza are actually 2nd cousins. Judy Garland and my father are 1st Cousins Once Removed. Judy Garland is my 2nd cousins twice removed!

I believe most people if you ask them who their 1st cousins children are to them, they would say “2nd cousins.”


~ by Kelly on February 20, 2010.

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